Many students wonder about the types of careers available for biologists.

The following link provides some excellent information on the hundreds of careers available in the Life Sciences, especially biology: Biology careers booklet from AIBS (American Institute of Biological Sciences)

If you are interested in a particular field of Biology, be sure to discuss career options with a faculty member who works in that field. Your biology professors are invaluable sources of information!

Many students have found the information they're looking for at the University Career Center (located in the Student Commons).

Lastly, consider graduate school in biology. Your career in the life sciences may greatly benefit from (or even require) additional training, either a master's degree or Ph.D. Most graduate programs offer tuition waivers and stipends (modest salaries paid for teaching laboratory courses) to competitive students. This makes graduate school economically feasible (whereas professional programs such as medical or dental schools typically involve the accumulation of large amounts of debt).

For more information, check with a faculty member, or look at our own graduate program in biology at VCU.