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The Department of Biology provides academic advising, also known as Bioadvising, to help you achieve your educational, personal and career goals by providing guidance and assistance in decision-making processes. We help you find a sense of belonging and connection to resources and encourage you toward future academic success.

Advising sessions are conducted by professional academic advisers for sophomores, juniors, and seniors with scheduled appointments. We will also meet with new incoming transfer students and those interested in the biology minor. Students can schedule virtual or in-person appointments via Navigate.

Bioadvising can assist you with the following:

  • Career and educational planning
  • Navigation of university procedures, appeals processes, rules, and regulations
  • Course selection
  • On-time progress toward your degree
  • Research, internship, and service-learning opportunities
  • Planning for graduate or professional school

Find My Advisor

Students are assigned to individual advisors. You can also find your advisor listed in Navigate. If you are a biology minor, your advisor will be Alvin Bryant.

Advisor Student Assignment by Last Name
Advisor Student last name
Treysi Knox A - Co
Candace Thomas Cp - H
James Tolj I - Mi
Catherine Leary Mo - Sa
Aubrey Martin Sc - Z

I need help with ...

Get in touch with us at least once a semester to discuss questions about degree requirements, course selection, graduation checks and other academic matters.

Schedule Appointment

Virtual drop-in advising is available when you can't schedule a traditional advising appointment with your adviser or you just have a quick question.

Drop-In Times