Why study biology?

Equipped with critical thinking, data analysis and problem-solving skills, biologists are involved in world-changing work.

They solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity, such as improving human health and conserving the environment. With a degree in biology, you'll be prepared for a career that can make a significant impact.

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Professor Carr and students standing in a river studying sediments.

Jan. 12, 2023

Scenes from Footprints on the James

Kayaks. Campfires. Microscopes. Students soaked up knowledge of the James River’s natural history and biodiversity over five adventure-filled weeks.

Peer health educators Mishal Hussain and Sabereh Saleh at the Health Sciences Library talking about health and well-being issues associated with sleep. (Photo credit: RecWell.)

Jan. 10, 2023

Peer health educators bring valuable lessons and well-being activities to fellow students

Students highlight evidence-based practices at campus events, connecting with their peers in engaging and fun ways.

fernando tenjo-fernandez peering into a microscope in a lab

Sept. 12, 2022

Fostering student success motivates biology professor Fernando Tenjo-Fernandez as he approaches his 20th year at VCU

Enthusiasm from his students encourages Tenjo-Fernandez to find new and innovative ways to keep them engaged.

Biology Spotlight

Meet Kareem

Kareem Woods' fascination with the interconnectedness of nature and the inherent relationship all organisms share inspired him to study biology. Visit our 'Meet a Student' page to read more about his favorite classes, favorite professors and the research project that helped to grow his network and develop his skills as a researcher.

Kareem Woods