Jason Newton

Jason Newton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Trani Life Sciences Building, 1000 W. Cary St., room 330

Research Interests

  • Lipid biology
  • Metabolism
  • Vesicular Trafficking
  • Neurodegeneration


Jason Newton is a biochemist and lipid biologist who joined the Biology department in the Spring of 2019 after performing a postdoc with Sarah Spiegel, Ph.D., in the Biochemistry Department at VCU. Newton earned his doctorate at VCU while simultaneously serving as an engineer in the United States Army Reserves, and his early research focused on coagulation and critical care in a combat environment. Following his graduation and subsequent departure from the Army, Newton’s research interests evolved into the field of sphingolipid and cholesterol biology, and currently Newton’s lab examines the roles that sphingolipid and cholesterol trafficking play in metabolic disease and neurodegeneration.