BIOL 205

The course BIOL 205: Basic Human Anatomy is a service course provided by the Department of Biology for pre-health and other specific majors. It is not available to biology students.

eServices restricts registration for BIOL 205 to students with one of the following officially declared majors or advising tracks. Overrides are not issued before the start of the semester for students with any other majors.


BIOL 205 is only open to the following majors or advising track programs:

  • Communication Arts - COM
  • Health Phys Ed & Exercise Sci - HPX
  • Health Sciences Certificate - HSC
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences - MLS
  • Pre-Dental Hygiene - PDH
  • Pre-Radiation Sciences - PRA
  • Pre-Nursing - PNR
  • Pre-Nursing Accelerated - ADNR*
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy - ADVOC*
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Pharmacy - ADVPP*
  • Pre-Physician Assistant - ADVPA*
  • Pre-Physical Therapy - ADVPT*

*Students in advising tracks will still require an override under most circumstances.

Note: You will not be able to register for a section that has reached capacity, even with a major, cohort or advising track override. The Department of Biology issues overrides for BIOL 205 only when you have met the prerequisites for the course in some way that is not recognized by eServices. The Department of Biology does not issue overrides for major, cohort or advising track restrictions.

Pre-Health and Pre-Professional Health Students

The following information is provided by VCU Career Services for pre-health and pre-professional health students.

You are responsible for ensuring that your academic record shows one of the approved majors or advising tracks listed above. You are required to contact the Office of Pre-Professional Health Career Advising in VCU Career Services at or University Academic Advising if your academic record does not show an appropriate major or advising track.

BIOL 205 Registration Requirements

Please make sure to follow these requirements:

  • You must have completed or be currently registered for one of the following sets of prerequisites. Prerequisite courses must be completed each with a minimum grade of C.
    • BIOL 101 and BIOZ 101
    • BIOL 151 and BIOZ 151
    • BIOL 152 and BIOZ 152
  • You must declare your pre-professional health advising track via the Pre-Professional Health Hub in Canvas.

How to Register for BIOL 205

Follow these steps to register for BIOL 205:

  1. Complete the override request form. You will receive an email notifying you that your override request has been processed. Then you can register for the course via eServices. Please allow 72 business hours for your request to be processed. Resubmitting the form multiple times will delay the process.
  2. Register for the course in eServices, like any other course.

Please note that overrides are for open sections only and you will not be registered for this class automatically.

Once course enrollment is full, the following policy will take effect for everyone:

Prior to the start of classes: If you have declared one of the above majors or have a major, cohort or advising track override, you must keep an eye out for an opening through eServices up until the first week of classes as spots open up throughout the registration period.

During the first week of classes: If you are seeking an override, please arrive five minutes before any lab sections that fit into your schedule to ask for an override. After the instructor calls roll and identifies available slots based on no-shows, they will issue electronic overrides to fill the remaining seats in order of priority. Students must attend the first week's lab session to maintain a spot in the course.

To be considered for an override, you must bring transcript copies that show your printed name, declared major, and completion of an introductory-level biology lecture and lab (total minimum of four credits) with minimum grades of C. If you come to a lab without a transcript copy, you will not receive an override at that time. Priority for overrides is given to degree-seeking VCU undergraduate students with the highest earned credit hours (combined VCU and transfer credits), followed by the highest current cumulative GPA.

If you have one of the above-declared majors or advising tracks, you are prioritized over all others. If you are registered for a lab, you will automatically be registered for the corresponding lecture section.


For questions regarding your eligibility for BIOL 205: Basic Human Anatomy, please contact an advisor for your major or career advising track after reviewing the eligibility requirements.

Pre-health and pre-professional health students are advised by VCU Career Services. Communication arts students should contact their adviser in the Department of Communication Arts in the School of the Arts. Health, physical education and exercise science majors should contact their adviser in the Department of Kinesiology.