Academic Advising

First Year students

As a student in the biology major, you will be assigned an academic adviser. This adviser plays a key role in your studies — from your first biology class to your graduation. Along the way, your adviser will point you to university resources, such as academic success programs or research opportunities, designed to enhance your education and prepare you for professional or graduate school or a job in your field. Each semester, you should meet with your adviser to plan your course load and update your advising plan. Together you will maintain a planning worksheet to keep track of the courses you take each semester, ensuring that you fulfill your graduation requirements.You are typically advised through University Academic Advising. Please contact them for more information.

Second Year students, transfer students, and others

You are advised directly through the Biology department. Students do not have assigned advisers, but instead can meet with any adviser in the Biology Department.

Current biology majors can schedule appointments in their myVCU portal via the advising appointments link. Prospective biology majors and other students can also make appointments via this link.  Please find the section labeled "Considering a Biology Major" at the bottom of the page.