The following syllabi are provided for students to get an idea about what will be expected of them in each course that VCU Biology offers.  Syllabi may differ between semesters and between instructors - the information provided here should not be used as a replacement for the information and syllabi provided directly to students by the instructor.  VCU Biology reserves the right to alter or remove information that is not pertinent (e.g. specific dates).  Documents may be reformatted from their original versions in order to make them effective as web documents.

Students who have questions about a course should contact an instructor for the course directly.

VCU Biology currently provides past syllabi for core courses, which are Biology courses that all students in the Biology major are required to take in order to graduate.  Other course syllabi may be provided at a later time.

BIOZ 151: Introduction to Biological Science Laboratory I
BIOZ 152: Introduction to Biological Science Laboratory II
BIOL 200: Quantitative Biology
BIOL 300: Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIOL 310: Genetics
BIOL 317: Ecology
BIOL 318: Evolution