Your academic adviser and an education abroad adviser are the best way to get started!

Participate in Rams Abroad 101 at as your first step to go aborad, or meet with an education abroad adviser to learn more about your options.

The Global Education office is located at 912 West Grace Street, 4th floor and they can be reached at (804)827-7882 or by emailing with questions.

What courses should I take?

This can be different for every student, but biology advisers agree that study abroad is a wonderful opportunity for students to take classes that fulfill a variety of requirements including both major and non-major requirements. If you are looking to take biology course work abroad, the department encourages taking biology electives. However, there are programs that offer lower level and required courses for the major if you plan accordingly.

The Department of Biology works closely with the Education Abroad office to ensure that classes taken abroad will fulfill requirements in your degree.

Be sure to check out our pre-approved courses database where you can search for courses in your major.

Students should always work with their academic advisers to ensure that their plan of study - at home or abroad - meets their academic needs.

Funding Study Abroad

Studying abroad does not have to be expensive! VCU offers a variety of program options to fit most students’ budgets and the Education Abroad office assists students with identifying and applying for funding.

Most financial aid and scholarships that you already receive can be used toward study abroad.  Ask the VCU Financial Aid office about how your financial aid may apply to study abroad opportunities.


There are VCU scholarships to study abroad as well as nationally competitive scholarships, like the Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship for Pell-grant recipients. Begin your search on our site and at and

VCU Programs

While these are featured opportunities, students are not limited to these opportunities.

Biology Signature Programs

VCU Biology offers student with unique study abroad programs that are curated specifically for Biology majors. Students have the opportunity to study in places such as Italy, South Africa, Costa Rica and much more. 

For more information please visit VCU Biology Signature Programs

External Programs

While these are featured opportunities, students are not limited to these opportunities.