Disclaimer: This is a guide to aid in answering questions about degree requirements.  The VCU Undergraduate Bulletin is the official source of information for degree requirements and can differ from year to year.  Students should follow the bulletin for the year they began at VCU.  The information found here should not be used as a replacement for academic advising.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Academic Year 2018 (Fall 2017 - Summer 2018) Bulletin

Biology Core: A minimum grade of C in the following is required for enrollment in all courses for which they are prerequisites and to successfully complete the B.S. in Biology.

  • BIOL 151 Introduction to Biological Sciences I, 3 credits
  • BIOZ 151 Introduction to Biological Science Laboratory I, 1 credit
  • BIOL 152 Introduction to Biological Sciences II, 3 credits
  • BIOZ 152 Introduction to Biological Science Laboratory II, 1 credit
  • BIOL 200 Quantitative Biology, 3 credits
  • BIOL 300 Cellular and Molecular Biology, 3 credits
  • BIOL 310 Genetics, 3 credits
  • BIOL 317 Ecology, 3 credits
  • BIOL 318 Evolution, 3 credits

Senior Capstone requirement (choose one)

  • BIOL 475 Biology Capstone Seminar
  • BIOL 476 Biology Capstone Laboratory
  • BIOL 477 Biology Capstone Experience

The following courses may qualify as a capstone experience if taken as a co-requisite with BIOL 477:

  • BIOL 492 Independent Study
  • BIOL 493 Biology Internship
  • BIOL 495 Research and Thesis
  • BIOL 497 Ecological Service Learning
  • Others as approved by the department

Laboratory Requirement

At least five (5) laboratory courses must be taken from all biology courses; one of these may be BIOL 492 Independent Study or BIOL 495 Research and Thesis.  Registration in BIOL 492 or 495 must be for a minimum of two credit hours in order to count as one of the five required laboratory courses.  To fulfill the five laboratory course requirement, students must complete BIOZ 151, BIOZ 152, and a minimum of three upper-level (300-level or above) labs.

Biology Electives

Elective biology courses (BIOL, BIOZ, and others as approved by the department) at the 300-500 levels must be taken to achieve at least 40 total credits in biology.  CHEM 403 and LFSC 301 can also be counted towards the major.  

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Bulletins for previous academic years can be downloaded and viewed from the VCU Scholars Compass.  Students are responsible for fulfilling the degree requirements listed in the bulletin for the year they were admitted.  If you are unsure of your "bulletin year," it can be found in your Degree Works.

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