Welcome back to VCU! We are excited to start this year with you.  We know things look a little different than what we are used to but we are still here to serve you. One of those ways is the start of a mentoring program. This program will allow you to connect with other biology majors. 

The Biology Undergraduate Mentorship Program is designed to enhance the experience of Biology majors at VCU. This unique program will allow biology majors with at least 30 total earned credits (after Spring 2020) to work directly with more seasoned biology students in order to enhance their academic experience. Mentees will connect with a peer who has similar professional interests and gain insight about navigating the undergraduate biology curriculum at VCU. This is an amazing networking opportunity for both mentors and mentees. Potential mentors should look at this as a chance to share your knowledge and experiences, enhance your self-esteem, and build your resume. We aim to increase student retention and enhance students’ chances of academic success.


Mentor Requirements

  • Minimum biology major GPA 3.2
  • Must be on track to graduate by Spring 2022 (should currently be at junior status or higher)
  • Must have completed one of the 300 level biology core classes
  • Must be available to meet with mentee for one hour per week
  • First semester transfer students are not eligible to be mentors


Mentee Requirements

  • Must be on track to graduate Spring 2022 or later (should have at least 30 earned credits including Spring 2020 courses)
  • Have a minimum of GPA 1.9
  • If you are a transfer student please use the GPA from your previous institution
  • Must be available to meet with mentor for one hour per week (starting in October)


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For more information please see our Biology Undergraduate Mentorship Program handbook

If you have any questions please contact us at bioadvising@vcu.edu.