10 Biology Faculty Honored at Scholarship Recognition Breakfast

April 13, 2017

The College of Humanities and Sciences held a breakfast on Thursday morning to honor and recognize faculty members within the College who exhibited high scholarship during this past fiscal year.  Among the honorees were ten faculty from the Department of Biology.  They were each presented with a star award (pictured above) to honor their achievements.

The Biology honorees were:

Paul Bukaveckas
James River Water Quality Monitoring
City of Richmond

Amanda Dickinson
Using Frog Faces to Better Understand Clefts in the Primary Palate
National Institutes of Health

Andrew Eckert
Collaborative Research: Blending Ecology & Evolution Using Emerging Technologies to Determine Species Distributions With a Non-native Pathogen in a Changing Climate
National Science Foundation

Rima Franklin
Climate Change Effects on Coastal Wetlands-Linking Microbial Communicty Composition and Ecosystem Responses
National Science Foundation

Christopher Gough
Collaborative Research: EAGER-NEON: Is Canopy Structural Complexity a Global Predictor of Primary Production? Using NEON to Transform Understanding of Forest Structure-Function
National Science Foundation

Karen Kester
VCU Bridges to the Baccalaureate: From Dream to Goal
National Institutes of Health

Scott Neubauer
Collaborative Research: Impact of Saltwater Intrusion on C Storage in Tidal Freshwater Wetlands
National Science Foundation

John Ryan
Control of lgG-mediated Inflammation of Fyn and Lyn Kinases
National Institutes of Health

Donald Young
LTER VI: Barrier Island Vegetation Alternate Stable States and Thre
National Science Foundation

Wenheng Zhang
Collaborative Research: Phylogeny and Floral Evolution of Malpighiaceae
National Science Foundation