Jill Reid

Associate Professor


I enjoy teaching all of my classes. Nutrition is a passion of mine, and I enjoy helping students understand how so many things from politics to advertising affects our food choices, why there is conflicting information regarding what is and is not healthy to eat, and that eating and being healthy is really quite simple. Human Biology is taught from an evolutionary perspective. In Human Biology, while students learn about anatomy, they also learn how we are really not that different from other organisms. Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (CVA) is a vertebrate evolution class with a hands-on dissection component. In CVA students compare and contrast vertebrate morphology using Squalus acanthias, Necturus maculosus, and Felix catus as models for comparison. Introduction to Biological Sciences One is an introductory biology course designed for biology majors. Key concepts include basic chemistry as it pertains to living systems, evolutionary theory including origin of life hypotheses, energy metabolism, and a cursory look at plants to gain a basic understanding about their evolutionary history, life history, reproduction and morphology.

        Jill Reid

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