Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology

Faculty and students in the Department of Biology conduct fundamental research in the fields of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. Research interests include craniofacial and neuro development, membrane biology, molecular immunology, microbiome studies, plant development, and cancer biology. This diversity in research interests fosters a highly collaborative environment where students and faculty interact across disciplines to understand the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate critical biological processes.

VCU biologists are committed to providing a rich research environment. Our department houses state-of-the-art microscopes, next-gen sequencers, and we utilize a broad range of model systems including mouse, frogs, zebrafish, yeast, flowering plants and human derived cell lines. Our location within the VCU community also presents an ideal environment for students and faculty to collaborate with others outside of our department, including the VCU Heath and the Department of Biomedical Engineering, among others. The Department of Biology strives to provide an inclusive environment, where diversity is prized, and a culture of acceptance is a fundamental element of our departmental philosophy.

Student using a pipette while studying the colored liquid inside the vent.