Brian Verrelli

Brian Verrelli

Associate Professor, Director of Integrative Life Sciences Doctoral Program
Research: Evolutionary Genetics
(804) 828-6920

Office Information
(804) 828-6920

Laboratory Information

Research Interests
Molecular evolutionary and population genetics

Background Information
     My research program focuses on explaining how genetic variation accumulates within natural populations of organisms, and to what extent this variation has been or is adaptive. We use multiple datasets including freely-available database as well as lab-generated DNA and RNA sequence variation from genes and genomes and individuals, populations, and species in a comparative evolutionary model. Our evolutionary genetic statistical analyses measure patterns of sequence variation over temporal and spatial scales to identify when, where, why, and how this variation has originated and persists.

     Our projects include multiple organisms from animal to plant in addressing multiple topics including: (1) human evolutionary genomics and genetic signatures of disease susceptibility and resistance; (2) population genetics of biodiversity hotspots; (3) molecular urban signatures of adaptation to novel environments; (4) population and conservation genetics of endangered organisms.