John Ryan

John Ryan

Associate Vice President for Research Development
Research: Cell Regulation
(804) 828-0712

Office Information
    (804) 828-0712
    LFSCB 318

Laboratory Information
    (804) 828-0702
    LFSCB 320

Research Interests
    Regulating mast cell functions in asthma, autoimmune disease, and cancer.

Background Information

DJohn Ryan received his Ph.D. from VCU in 1992 and now is a molecular immunologist with interests in signal transduction events that control mast cell development and function. Mast cells are best known as the causative agents of allergic disease and asthma – but they do so much more. The Ryan lab is unraveling how these inflammatory cells contribute to asthma, autoimmunity, and cancer. We are focused on homeostasis in the mast cell response, driven by cytokine-mediated signaling.