Leigh McCallister

Leigh McCallister

Associate Professor
Research: Aquatic Ecology
(804) 827-0234

Office Information
    (804) 827-0234
    LFSCB 009

Laboratory Information
    (804) 828-0153
    LFSCB 007

Research Interests
    Aquatic Ecology

Background Information

S. Leigh McCallister earned her Ph.D. in marine science in 2002 from the College of William and Mary (VIMS) with a concentration in biological oceanography. She is interested in bacterial transformations of organic matter (OM) in fluvial, estuarine, coastal and open ocean ecosystems. Her work integrates multiple aspects of microbial ecology, organic geochemistry (lipid biomarkers), and isotope geochemistry (D14C, d13C, d15N).