Gregory Garman

Greg Garman

Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Environmental Studies
Research: Fish Ecology
(804) 828-1574

Office Information
    (804) 828-1574
    LFSCB 105C

Laboratory Information
    LFSCB 041

Research Interests
    Fish ecology

Background Information

Gregory Garman received his Ph.D. from the University of Maine in 1984 and he is a fish ecologist with a background in both freshwater and marine systems. Much of his research has involved the effects of human activities, particularly logging, urban development and acidic depositions (acid rain) on stream and river fish assemblages. A recently completed project on the fisheries ecology of the James River documented the relationships between fish species richness, habitat degradation and dominance of introduced fish taxa along a river continuum. Current investigations are directed toward understanding the ecological roles of anadromous clupeid fishes during freshwater residence, and the response of fish communities in naturally acidic streams of the Virginia coastal plain to anthropogenic acidification of surface waters. Along with teaching, Garman is the Director for the Center for Environmental Studies.